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Friday, March 31, 2006

Reason magazine -- January 2001, Concealed (AR-15 SLINGS) Weapons by Joyce Lee Malcolm

Taurus Grips

Reason magazine -- January 2001, Concealed Weapons by Joyce Lee Malcolm
... York Times endorsed its author's claim that few guns, let alone a gun culture, existed in America prior ... gun control are convinced that guns in the hands of individuals are ...

The American Gun by J.J. Maloney
An in-depth look at the gun problem in the United States, along with suggestions for sensible new laws. ... the criminals, not choosing to obey the law, will still have guns, while the law-abiding will not ... the NRA fears try to outlaw all guns. Sarah Brady, for instance ...

Impact Online Gunstore
Offers rifles, pistols, machineguns, supplies, and more., "an independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion," includes polls from CBS, New York Times, ABC, Washington Post, Ipsos-Reid/Cook Political Report, NBC, Wall Street...

Les Jones - Archive
... Scariest "Idiots with Guns" Post Yet. Xavier's latest shows a guy with a loaded Glock aimed at the ... SAs, DAOs and striker-fired guns like the Glock, Springfield XD, and ...

Guns and Ammo
Official site for Guns and Ammo magazine. Find reviews and previews of handguns, long guns, ammunition, and accessories. Also offers ballistics charts, gun identification services, and a directory of shooting ranges.

Guns by HotVsNot.Com ... THE ARMORY guns, firearms, ammunition, ammo, accessories, equipment ... We sell new guns at ... Keywords: buy guns online, new guns, ar-15, binoculars, firearms, gun, handgun ...

Killing Machines: The Guns Hatelisting
The approved hatelisting for guns. If you hate guns, then join!

Open Directory - Shopping: Recreation: Guns: Antiques and Collectibles
the entire directory only in Guns/Antiques_and_Collectibles. See also: Acher Arms Pawn - We have in stock over 1200 new and used guns. This inventory also includes a large selections of military,collectors and other hard to find items. ... Jones German-Austrian Long Guns - Fine German-Austrian guns bought and sold ...

Guns & Talks Movie Review
Movie review by Anthony Leong.

Airsoft Guns - (AR-15 SLINGS) Free BBs

AR-15 Sights

Airsoft Guns - Free BBs
Airsoft Guns - 1000 Free BBs with every order. The absolute highest quality Airsoft products in auction and direct purchase format - speedy shipping and unparalleled customer service. Our brand new Airsoft guns can be in your hands quickly and ... traditional bb and pellet guns. Airsoft guns have been mass distributed and ...

Gun Stores
The place to find and buy guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns and muzzleloaders ... Distributor of Arms, Firearms, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Machine guns, Submachine Guns and Tactical Accessories ... and European side by sides; guns from all the great London gunmakers ... Guns [IMPORT]: Music
Guns, Cardiacs ... of you willing to sample this band's output, "Guns" is a great, accessible way to start - an exciting ... If you're enthralled with "Guns" I'd recommend tracking down the "Greatest Hits ...

Guns N' Roses
Official site of Guns N' Roses includes news, mailing list, and merchandise.

Home of the shooting sports manafacturer. Products include shotguns, apparel, and knives.

Houston Paintball - Guns
Houston Paintball: Gun Links, Owners Groups, FAQs, How-To's, General Gun Information. ... This site contains links related to paintball guns. Included are links to users' groups, manufacturers, discussion ... of the merits and use of paintball guns. We may also add ...

Digital Paintball... - Forums
Digital Paintball... Computer and Game Systems ... Trade Electronic Paintball Guns Mechanical Paintball guns Pumps and Sidearm paintball guns Air Systems for Paintball Guns Barrels for Paintball Guns Hoppers and Packs ...

GunHoo: Gun Pages Central
Firearms links alphabetized, categorized, regionalized, and searchable.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

AR-15 SLINGS - Looking for Medieval Armour


Looking for Medieval Armour
Looking for helmets, chest armour, leg armour, old Medieval clothes and sheilds. If you have any laying around, please contact me and we can work something out. i want to join the S.C.A and need some armour.

Guns - Airsoft, Paintball, Firearms, (AR-15 SLINGS) and More

Civil Rights Defense Fund

Guns - Airsoft, Paintball, Firearms, and More
Guns Link Directory ... Home + Add URL. Airsoft Guns. Airsoft Pistols. Airsoft Rifles. Cheap Airsoft Guns. Airsoft BB Guns. Airsoft Pellet Guns ...

Guns. The Gallup Poll. Oct. 11-14, 2004. N=1,012 adults nationwide. MoE 3. ... law which would make it illegal to manufacture, sell, or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles ... expired, and certain types of guns that were banned in 1994 can ...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The KT Ordnance Whiskey Day Memorial Machine Gun Shoot, 80% Gun Build & Ice Cream Social (AR-15 SLINGS)


The KT Ordnance Whiskey Day Memorial Machine Gun Shoot, 80% Gun Build & Ice Cream Social

July 15-23, 2006 in Dillon, Montana. Rifle and pistol shooting courses too, if enough people sign up. And Ted Nugent may be there. [clairefiles]

The Most Successful Fraud in American History

Gary North at - the U.S. Constitution, of course. [clairefiles]

Creating a New Reality

If it's true that necessity is the mother of invention, then it must be equally axiomatic that competition is the mother of reinvention.

Airport program to speed security checks

Eric Anderson at the Albany (NY) Times Union - the "Registered Traveler" program begins this summer. Albany will be one of the participating airports. Pay $100, and let them do a background check and encode your finger- or eye-print on a card, and you go to the front of the sekurity line at the airport. Papieren Bitte, Comrade.


From jomama, commenting on this article:

"The only issue I have with the article is the assertion that civilization leads to the oppression of women. In fact civilization is essentially a scam whereby women get to live parasitically off men. It aspires to a condition whereby men are sent out to work as slaves in order to support women in the maximum style and comfort possible while the women themselves do nothing but crank out and brainwash children in order to perpetuate the cycle. I'm not sure what the mental block is that prevents most people from seeing this." -- Devlin

Fresh articles on the way...
by David Crane

Fresh articles coming shortly, including SHOT Show Quick Hits 4.

Don't change the channel...

DefRev Exclusive Video: Pinnacle Armor SOV/Dragon Skin Gets Live-Fire Tested
by David Crane

The following article contains links to video clips of Pinnacle Armor Dragon Skin/SOV body armor being live-fire tested against 7.62x39mm military ball ammo (FMJ) and 9mm military ball ammo (9x19mm FMJ) at short distances.

As our readers know, DefenseReview has been reporting on the Pinnacle Armor SOV/Dragon Skin body armor vs. Interceptor Body Armor for a number of weeks, now. Well, Nat Helms of Soldiers For The Truth (SFTT)/Defense Watch recently published an article on an indoor shooting test (live-fire ballistic test) conducted on January 26th (2006), where a Fresno County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) SWAT sharpshooter fired 21 rounds of 7.62x39mm FMJ military ball ammo from an AK-47/AKM-variant rifle at a Pinnacle Armor Dragon Skin vest at a distance of 20 feet and 120 rounds of 9mm FMJ military ball ammo were fired from an HK MP5 submachine gun at a distance of 10 feet. The SFTT/Defense Watch article is titled Dragon Skin Shows Its Stuff.

Well, Defense Review has obtained exclusive video footage of that live-fire test. We have a "Standard Range View" and a second "Uninterrupted Close Up" view of that ballistic test.

And, even better, DefRev also has exclusive video footage of a second live-fire test conducted on January 27th (2006) at an outdoor shooting range where 40 rounds of 7.62x39mm FMJ military ball ammo were fired at 20 feet (with an AKM/AK-47-variant rifle) and 150 rounds of 9mm military ball were fired at 10 feet (with a Heckler & Koch MP5 subgun) into a Pinnacle Armor SOV/Dragon Skin vest.

Right-Click on the links below and click on "Save Target As" to download view the folowing Pinnacle Armor video clips of their SOV/Dragon Skin body armor getting shot with an AKM-variant rifle and HK MP5 submachine gun:...

Steyr SBS Ultralight (.243 Win)

Kim du Toit - expensive, but very nice, rifle. I'm linking to it for this paragraph:

Suffice it to say that the SBS design is one of the strongest ever made, and yet it s as smooth as polished ball bearings on silk. And to cap it all, here s one of the SBS hunting rifles, which is so beautiful it needs a chaperone:

CES 2006

I have to confess that I didn't go to the annual Consumer Electronics Show this year with high expectations for new display technology.

AR-15 SLINGS - Colt Grips

Pitt Students Seeking Stop To Crime Wave (AR-15 SLINGS)


Pitt Students Seeking Stop To Crime Wave
KDKA - (KDKA) PITTSBURGH Several University of Pittsburgh students have been assaulted and Pitt has placed crime alerts campus-wide. A new group of students claims the crime wave has moved beyond one area. The beatings and assaults are increasing and they

Fed sticks to its (AR-15 SLINGS) guns


Fed sticks to its guns
Everett Herald - WASHINGTON - Ben Bernanke, sticking with the Federal Reserve's playbook in his first meeting as chairman, boosted borrowing costs to a five-year high and hinted that an additional interest rate increase could be in store. Wrapping up a two-day

Shooting massacre warning is alleged
Toledo Blade - Toledo police are investigating a possible Columbine-type shooting massacre said to take place at Washington Junior High School either on Friday or Monday. A 14-year-old female student at the school, 5700 Whitmer Drive, and her mother filed a

Bradley News Weekly - Cleveland natives and skilled musicians, Randy Cantrell and Justin Spears have just formed the band Some Have Guns. Cantrell and Spears have been performing accoustic sets with a guitar and mandolin since they were in high school. "Yeah, we have the

Students caught with BB guns, knives
Frederick News-Post - We are looking for a few good Restaurant General Managers & Assistant Managers to help our Taco Bell Restaurants in the Frederick area grow to new heights. FREDERICK Four Tuscarora High School students were taken into police custody Monday after

Southgate - guns stolen in break and enter
Fountain Pen - Southgate - Grey County O.P.P. is continuing to investigate a break, enter and theft reported on Friday night (24-Mar-06). The break and enter occurred sometime between Wednesday and Friday. The residence entered is located south of Dundalk on

Police make arrests in two-day vandalism spree (AR-15 SLINGS)


Police make arrests in two-day vandalism spree
The Cloquet Police Department took two people into custody early Tuesday morning in connection with a spree of vandalism in which the suspects shot out windows of more than 54 vehicles with BB guns in Cloquet.

Searching for a life beyond drugs, guns and violence
The insistent beep of a cell phone stopped Nikki Calcaterra in her tracks at 6:08 p.m. Tuesday. She answered with her left hand while she held tiny fingers in her right.

'Bond' star Roger Moore hates guns
Roger Moore, the star of a number of James Bond films, has said that he never wanted to glorify firearms, and that he doesn't even like guns.


pistol grips

World of Rugby League, Australia - Mar 26, 2006... Norths to take a lead from North Queensland s book and recruit older and more experienced players in the wake of a 36-16 loss to the Young Guns in Townsville ...

Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy
Spin, NY - Mar 27, 2006It s been a long time since Guns N Roses have released an album of new material. Everybody knows this, but it sa fact that bears repeating. ...

From Rock Star To Pre-Med
CBS News - Mar 28, 2006... As a former bass player and guitarist, he performed in big name bands, including Guns N' Roses, The Four Horsemen, and The Cult, who he describes as "a ...

Guns, Gay Activists, Girls Gone Wild
Torontoist, Canada - Mar 28, 2006Gun violence has claimed two more lives; a sixteen year old boy and a man were killed in a rash of gun violence yesterday night as shootings flared all over ...

Young guns relish return of 'colossus', United Kingdom - Mar 26, 2006By Henry Winter. Arsene Wenger's success at rejuvenating Arsenal was last night hailed as "very special" by the club's vice-chairman, David Dein. ...

Police seized Huff's guns once
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Mar 27, 2006Police in Montana once took away the two guns Kyle Huff used in Saturday's deadly rampage on Capitol Hill, but he got them back the next year after pleading ...

Young guns contest 2000 prize fund
Horse & Hound Online, UK - Mar 28, 2006After three months of intense qualifying competitions across the UK, Britain's top 20 young riders are preparing to make the journey to Sheffield for the ...

Weekly Essentials: When fate's sealed, holster those big guns
CBS - Mar 27, 2006Shaquille O'Neal is expected to ask for some time off. Jermaine O'Neal is back but will be limited in his minutes. Same for Amare ...

Job #1: Target guns, drugs
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, NY - Mar 26, 2006(March 26, 2006) As I prepare to assume my responsibilities as Rochester's police chief, I am aware of the significant challenges we face as a community. ...

Top guns to act in ONGC Asom show
Calcutta Telegraph, India - Mar 26, 2006New Delhi, March 26: Sinopec of China, Kellogg Brown & Root of Singapore, Proteus and Leighton, both of Australia, Penang of Malaysia and Specialist Services ...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Airsoft Guns - Free BBs (AR-15 SLINGS)

Gun Accessories

Airsoft Guns - Free BBs
Airsoft Guns - 1000 Free BBs with every order. The absolute highest quality Airsoft products in auction and direct purchase format - speedy shipping and unparalleled customer service. Our brand new Airsoft guns can be in your hands quickly and ... traditional bb and pellet guns. Airsoft guns have been mass distributed and ...

This American Life | Guns
Guns. 10/24/97. Episode 81. Americans who love their guns. And the Americans who love them. Prologue. Ira with an ad from American Handgunner. ... Act Five. Chicago writer Tori Marlan with a man who sold guns to criminals for two years ...

Annapolis lawmaker puts toy guns in cross hairs - The Washington Times: Metropolitan
... enact a law that would ban most toy guns in the city and fine parents whose children are ... would ban all toy guns except for clear, brightly colored plastic guns ...

Gallery of - Gun Gallery, Ruger Firearms, Shooter Online Services, Firearm Industry News, Firearm Dealer, ...
View thousands of firearms online; Find a Firearm Retailer near you; Gun Locator helps you to buy firearms; Shooting Times Research Center offers Gun Reviews; Information on Guns, Shooter Education, Gun Education and much more. ... Have questions about guns? Ask them here ...

Your Glock handgun resource on the web
Welcome to The Glock resource, tons of information about the Glock line of hand guns ... Glock-Guns Recomended Reading. Glock: The new wave in Combat Handguns ...

Guns magazine subscription - - 59% off the cover price ($19.00 for Guns)
Subscriptions for Guns. No shipping, no sales tax. ... About Guns: Edited for gun enthusiasts, hunters, hobbyists and collectors ... Subscribe to magazines similiar to Guns magazine. Find them in our Hunting & Guns Magazines section ...

We the People: from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, to hypocrisy and exploitation by government politicians for political power and personal gain. ... It's wrong to equate guns with violence. In almost all cases of lawful civilian use (2.5 million each year), guns are used to prevent violence ...

French and World Guns, Pistol, revolvers, rifles since 1800
Guns from France and the World. Pistol, revolvers, Rifles since 1800 up to now. Cartridges, reloading, shooting, defense and military subjects. ... News on French Guns. Mas 35s Pistol (5 pages) // MAB P15 Pistol (5 pages) / Mas 1938 french SMG ... Unique french guns. Antiques Guns in gunsworld from the beginning till WWII ...

Airsoft Guns
Airsoft Guns at the lowest prices with the best selection. Visit today to find Airsoft Guns. ... Select a category: Airsoft Guns Airsoft Pistols Airsoft Rifles Airsoft Sniper Rifles Airsoft Shotguns Cheap Airsoft Guns Airsoft Tanks Airsoft Accessories All Airsoft ...

Concerns raised (AR-15 SLINGS) over introduction of TASER guns


Concerns raised over introduction of TASER guns
Politicians and Human Rights Campaigners have raised their concerns to the Policing Board after proposals were revealed to issue members of the PSNI with 50,000-volt TASER stun guns.

$100,000 worth of marijuana seized in SW Balto.
Man, 36, charged after raid at rowhouse; 20 guns, $11,000 also recovered A joint investigation by several police agencies led to an early-morning raid today at a Southwest Baltimore rowhouse in which authorities said they seized 36 marijuana plants with a street value of about $100,000, 20 guns and $11,000 in cash.

Red Bull battles Air21; Vets seek milestones
Air21 guns for its first back-to-back wins in the tournament against Red Bull in the opener of the 2006 Gran Matador PBA Philippine Cup Wednesday at the Cuneta Astrodome.

Weekly Essentials: When fate's sealed, holster those big guns
With their teams' playoff situations nearly set, Shaquille and Jermaine O'Neal and Amare Stoudemire -- the latter two coming off long injury shutdowns -- should be getting limited minutes as the regular season winds down, Tony Mejia says.

Felon accused by feds of having, making guns
Federal prosecutors allege this felon didn't just possess guns. He was making them.

Three More People Arrested for Stolen Guns
All content Copyright 2000 - 2006 WorldNow and KSLA, a Raycom Media station. All Rights Reserved. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service .

Arsenal guns down nine-man Juventus
London, England (Sports Network) - Strikes from Francesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry led Arsenal to a 2-0 victory over Serie A giant Juventus on Tuesday in the first leg of Champions League quarterfinal action.

Guns stolen in raid
A machine gun and a rifle made for the second world war have been stolen from a garage. The guns were stolen after a series of break-ins in garages and sheds around the Shrublands Way area of Gorleston.

Arrest Made In Walnut Hills Shooting
An Evanston man has been arrested in connection with Cincinnati's 20th homicide.

Gang unit discovers guns, drugs, $6,000 in search
A routine search for an alleged gang member who failed to show up to court led Palm Beach County sheriff's officers to guns, drugs and $6,000 in cash, officials said.

GLock in action taking out a bad guy!!

Turn it up! This is my first attempt at making a video... so be nice. This is the video of my buddy getting robbed at a motel he worked at. We were able to get the video and we put some music to it and cut it up a little. He had fired this perticullar Glock a total of 6 times before this incident.Performed just as well as the big Glock. Enjoy! And TURN IT UP!Shooting

House party shooter came heavily armed (AR-15 SLINGS)


House party shooter came heavily armed
SEATTLE The young man who gunned down six people including two teenage girls at a house party over the weekend had brought three guns, more than 300 rounds of ammunition, a baseball bat and a black machete, and told guests as he blazed away, There s plenty for everyone, authorities said Monday.

Drug Raid Nets $100,000 Worth Of Marijuana
BALTIMORE -- A drug bust early Tuesday morning led to the arrest of an alleged drug dealer. Baltimore City police raided a house in the 3100 block of Wilkens Avenue in southwest Baltimore, where they said officers found 21 guns, 36 marijuana plants and $12,000 in cash.

Police suicides are 'aided by service guns'
Most police officers who committed suicide used their service guns, and many of the deaths proceed crimes of passion in which the officers killed their partners, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula has revealed.

Concerns raised over introduction of TASER guns
Politicians and Human Rights Campaigners have raised their concerns to the Policing Board after proposals were revealed to issue members of the PSNI with 50,000-volt TASER stun guns.

As Fatalities Rise, a Recent Report Cites Police for Overuse of Taser Stun Guns
By Jim Epperson III, The Daily Oklahoman Mar. 28--The recent death of a Norman man who was shocked with a stun gun is one case of many prompting a national debate about the safety of police weapons that use 50,000 volts of electricity.

Rumour mill: Big guns eye Richards
RISING City star Micah Richards has already attracted the attention of the Barclays Premiership big guns, according to a report. The versatile 17-year-old has made the transition from youth to first-team football with ease, and has been one of the Blues' best performers of late.

Why GOP Leaders Worry About Pro-Life Wins
The pro-life movement is on a roll. So why are the Republican Party's top guns suddenly so shy on the subject?

Milam raid nets 3, drugs, guns, cash
Two men remained Monday in the Milam County Jail and another was released on bail after they were arrested in a weekend raid that netted drugs valued at $25,000, cash and firearms.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Guns & Ammo Magazine Online (AR-15 SLINGS)

Browning Grips

Guns & Ammo Magazine Online
Guns & Ammo; the nation's leading gun and ammunition magazine, is now the web's best resource for information on current gun news, ammunition ballistics, ...

The Guns of Navarone (1961)
The Guns of Navarone - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, ...

Gallery of - Gun Gallery, Ruger Firearms, Shooter Online ...
Firearm wholesaler and distributor. "Online showroom", gun specifications and pictures of models. Password required to enter dealer section.
2k - Cached - Similar pages GUNS Magazine Online Edition GUNS Magazine where shooting sportsmen turn for firearms news.

Impact Guns
Sells machine guns, assault rifles, suppressors, ammunition, and law enforcement products.

The AK site. Kalashnikov Home Page
AK Site. Kalashnikov Arms Catalog. From AK-47 to AK-100.