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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22 rimfire autoloading rifles provide reliable performance with the following key features:

** America's favorite .22 rifle.

** High-speed, pivoted hammer for short lock time.

** Proven performance in a wide range of styles for every rimfire application.

** Barrel that is locked into the receiver by a unique two-screw V-block system.

** Unique, removable rotary magazine that offers superior reliability, no exposed magazine to dent and no uncomfortable protrusions at the rifle's balance point.

** .22 Magnum model only (10/22 RBM) incorporates a rugged steel receiver with integral scope mounts and free Ruger medium height scope rings.

** The .22 Magnum model holds nine rounds and features an 18 1/2" barrel.

** Compact model features a shorter 16 1/8" barrel, short 12 3/4" length-of-full, high-visibility fiber optic front and rear sights, and correctly proportioned tapered forends with no barrel bands.



CASINO ROYALE BREAKS RECORDS AS BOND GUN GOES UNDER THE HAMMER - A Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver belonging to James Bond author Ian Fleming has gone under the hammer at auction for 12,000 after a good week for the iconic spy. The gun was given to Fleming in 1964 by the Colt Company and was one of the prestige

Gun Report Is Actually Teen Movie Shoot
Indy Channel - DALEVILLE, Ind. -- Police officers were ready for the worst when they received a call from a motorist about a man holding another person at gunpoint. But when officers arrived at the scene, the found four teenage boys filming a movie for a school

You Can Bring Gun to Capitol, but Not Through D.C.
Washington Post - Members of Congress and designated employees can bring unloaded guns into the Capitol. The lawmakers can even load the guns once inside their offices. But there is a hitch: They cannot bring guns through the District's streets on their way to the


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