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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hearing request on Shieldalloy case granted (AR15 Magazines)


Accessories include: several holsters (nice stuff, no junk); 4 new in p 93 ruger Mec-Gar 15 rd mags.; grips, Mark II plastic; set of Uncle Mikes Spegal imitation in rubber (they got sued for this, I understand); checkered wood, looks like goncalo alves wood; Hogue wraparound; set of wolff springs; 3 recoil buffers; one set of blue grip screws, two sets stainless; AGI Browning course for the Hi Power on CD. Ammo includes 1000 rds. PMD 115 gr. FMJ practice ammo; 225 rds. Golden p93 ruger 124; 100 rds Golden Saber +P; 60 rds of PMC defensive ammo (Starfire). 100 or possibly 150 Ranger T, some was loaded in magazines).

Package the above two pistols and the accessories and ammo for $1,800.



Hearing request on Shieldalloy case granted
The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission today granted New Jersey's request for a hearing into Shieldalloy Metallurgical Corp., a South Jersey firm that seeks to bury radioactive waste underground for eternity. A three-judge panel of the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, an arm of the NRC, accepted one of the 17 issues raised by the state Department of Environmental Protection. The NRC is ...

CBP officer fights order to quit city post
A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer is fighting an order by CBP to resign as an elected member of a Texas city council or be fired, saying the agency -- which approved his request to seek office -- is violating his First Amendment rights by now forcing him to choose between his job and public service.

Chiquita to pay $25M to settle terrorism probe
WASHINGTON (AP) Banana company Chiquita Brands International said Wednesday it has agreed to a $25 million fine and admit paying a Colombian terrorist group for protection in a volatile farming part of the country.

Vitamins And Minerals Might Prevent Hearing Loss
In a new study in animals, University of Michigan researchers report that a combination of high doses of vitamins A, C, and E and magnesium, taken one hour before noise exposure and continued as a once-daily treatment for five days, was very effective at preventing permanent noise-induced hearing loss. The animals had prolonged exposure to sounds as loud as a jet engine at take-off at close range.

Madison County News
No CAFO! BOC shoots down plans for chicken plant Is the matter headed to court? BY ZACH MITCHAM County commissioners unanimously shot down plans for a massive chicken plant in northern Madison County Monday night.


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