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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Smith Wesson k frame

Wrap the sanding film around a large rubber eraser as a sanding block, and sand the scratches out, being careful to keep sharp edges sharp, and flats ripple-free.
Work down through the grits to the finer grades.
Sand slowly, and do NOT use any power equipment, since high speed abrasion will actually melt the plastic and marr it worse.

To finish up and blend everything together, you can bead blast, BUT you have to use a finer grit media and run the frame grip k smith wesson WAY down.
I recommend experimenting on scrap plastic to determine what kind of pressure you need.
The idea is to blend the the frame finish and make the sanded areas blend in, not give the plastic a rough finish.
Be warned, that unlike metals, bead blasting can remove significant plastic VERY quickly.

Often an acceptable substitute for bead blasting is to use a paste of Barkeeper's Friend or Comet cleansing powder.
Make up a paste of powder and water, then "scrub" the plastic with a clean toothbrush to give the plastic a matte finish.
This can also be used to blend and flatten stainless steel after scratch removal with Scotchbrite pads.



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