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Friday, March 30, 2007

Teen charged with (Surefire) weapons possession


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Teen charged with weapons possession
Mid-Hudson News Network - Officers were directed to check an apartment where Berry had been seen and with the female tenant s permission they went inside and saw two firearms. A few minutes later, Berry arrived and was arrested. Police obtained a search warrant and

SFPD Increase Gun Seizures In Western Addition
KGO - Mar. 29 - KGO - San Francisco's Gang Task Force is seizing lots of firearms so far this year. More and more of those weapons are turning up in a particular neighborhood and that neighborhood is experiencing more and more violence. Two weeks ago, 17

Uganda: Children Killed in Military Operation - Charity - Karamoja region is Uganda's 'wild west', where armed pastoralists raid each other for livestock in bloody skirmishes fuelled by the high proliferation of firearms; these clashes have left hundreds dead. Efforts by government to disarm the tribesmen

Go figure
Hampton Roads Daily Press - It doesn't take a lot of sense to understand why alcohol and firearms don't mix. Alcohol compromises decision-making. Bars are sometimes the scenes of fights, confrontations and unhappiness. Those truths are the stuff of country music's endurance

City Briefs
New York Daily News - Davis, 41, could face the death penalty after being indicted in Manhattan Federal Court on murder and firearms charges in the October 2002 slaying of Stephanie Laing, 36, in Elmont, and the January 2003 slaying of Gary Grey, 36, in Wakefield, the

Six lawsuits allege police misconduct
Oregonian - Contreras had previously been convicted for possession of firearms and charged on multiple occasions with drug possession, Sandy police said. The other cases are: Estacada resident Britt Woodring alleges officers used excessive force in his arrest

Tim O Reilly s code of (mis)conduct
ZDNet Blogs - Guns don't kill people, the anti firearms lobby claim, people kill people. Thus, the O'Reilly line goes, blogs don't sexually humiliate and threaten women, male internet bloggers sexually humiliate & threaten women. But the problem is that the

Beaverton Airsoft Ordinance Takes Effect March 31 - The City of Beaverton s Airsoft ordinance that outlaws Airsoft guns, which look like real firearms but use compressed air to shoot plastic pellets, in public places will take effect on Saturday, March 31. Beaverton police said the ordinance launch

Germany Launces Anti-terrorism Data-bank
Playfuls - The data-bank allows police and intelligence easier access to a host of information on suspects, including membership of terrorist groups, firearms registration information as well as internet and telecommunications data. Other details cover bank

Seattle police officers' alleged lie leaves 17 cases in jeopardy
Bellingham Herald - Attorney William Redkey, who is prosecuting a drug and firearms case that might be affected, called the situation "highly unusual." Neubert, 42, is a 14-year veteran with a record of commendations but a history of controversy. Defense lawyers have


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